Cosplay @ NORCON

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We welcome everyone of you who have taken the time to attend in costume and participate in Cosplay. Some of your marvellous creations are truly stunning and what better place to show off than at NORCON.


The beauty of NORCON is that you can pretty much come dressed in whatever character you like as long as it is not political, sexually explicit or religious (The Vicar of Dibly is fine). We have a fantastic and diverse amount of visitors who make some truly awesome costumes. We never really know what we are going to get until the day.

YOU are important, YOU are fantastic, no matter what your size, creed colour or disability, YOU are welcome to Cosplay at NORCON.

The main thing is you enjoy yourself and embrace your inner geek and have a great time.

Please be aware that even though you may see various fun cosplayer costumes such as MARVEL, DC, DISNEY and similar costumes, “some” cosplay costumes may be a little intimidating for younger children and people of a nervous disposition and we ask that appropriate adult, carer discretion and/or supervision is advised.

NO Cosplay with sexual overtones or sexually explicit cosplay, NO religious references, NO Political references or cosplay.

It is the responsibility of attendees to ensure that a wristband can be placed directly on your left wrist, not over costume or clothing. Take this into account with designs or adjustments to the costume.

We do not tolerate costume bullying or harassment – we have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour resulting in immediate eviction from the site with no refund.

It is the responsibility of any invited Cosplay / Costuming groups that attend NORCON to have their own adequate, valid insurance in place. You will not be covered by the event insurance for any loss, damage or injury or claim.

Please read our terms and conditions.


  • Metal blades – sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes & knives
  • Guns – handguns, rifles, or other real / imitation weapons
  • Bats – wooden, metal and this includes Baseball Bats
  • Crossbows and strung bows capable of firing and sharp-tipped arrows
  • Gas canisters made from metal or plastic of any kind and/or air dusters
  • Nails protruding, or any other sharp items protruding from items or costumes
  • Laser pointers, regardless of being part of a costume or prop
  • Any other item that is deemed illegal to carry in the UK

PLEASE NOTE:  The staff and venue are not responsible for the storage of banned items.


  • Unrealistic guns and toy guns
  • Realistic imitation firearms such as airsoft guns and BB guns, as long as they have the orange coloured tip
  • Bows and crossbows if unstrung/unable to be operated or fired
  • Slings and catapults, however no ammunition may be carried and will be confiscated if found

You may bring items at your own risk. If staff and security deem them to be a risk to the event and its attendees, confiscation is very likely. All props will be checked on entry, if any items do not adhere to guidelines they will not be allowed in the event.


Please note that we cannot offer ramp access to the stage area at this time but for those members of the community that are disabled or need special access, we do keep a large, clear area free at the front of the stage so you can display your wonderful cosplay creations.

We have a large Plasma screen on stage and a live feed camera so don’t worry, we will get your fantastic creations up on screen so everyone can see you.


We will be running our popular COSPLAY COMPETITION again on both days so you can show off your costume creations that you have made and impress everyone around.

On both days there will be a “KIDS” Cosplay competition for ages 6-13 years and also an “ADULT” Cosplay Competition for ages 14 years upwards.

Please note that the COSPLAY COMPETITION is limited to 40 entrants per competition.

There will be a Competition registration desk for you to register your entry.


The local Police are made aware at the appropriate time that an event with a large amount of costumed attendees will be taking place. Bearing in mind the current security alert state that the UK is experiencing, please be considerate to the general public who are not familiar with the cosplay scene.

If you are attending NORCON this year, using public transport or just walking to the event or off down the shops, please make sure that all your cosplay weapons are kept concealed or covered in order to avoid members of the general public mistakenly reporting something to the local authorities. Please also show the same courtesy of covering props or keeping props out of sight when travelling home after the event.

This will hopefully also avoid Police Helicopters, Riot Police, Screaming people, Armed response squads and you spending the best part of the event locked up in a cell.

Just a touch of common sense please whilst out and about in view of the general public.

Cheers guys and gals… you totally rock!

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